Family Card Game Fun – Face Card Only Poker

When was the last time you were playing cards and got a Royal Flush? Well, what if that happened every few hands, where someone playing was lucky enough to have those cards? It can happen you know, no I am not talking about cheating – what I am talking about is a way to play cards with the family and have so much fun that you’ll want to play every time the family gets together for any occasion. Yes, let’s talk about this because home, family and card games kind of go together don’t they?

Well, what I am describing is totally possible, all you have to do is play cards with 5-decks and ditch all of the numbered cards except the highest one. This way you are basically playing with nearly all face cards and aces. It is amazing how excited everyone gets, and every hand is fun. Best of all if you are playing mostly for fun, perhaps with pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters everyone has a good time, no one loses any money and you can give every player some change to start.

You just watch your family members getting into it, and everyone wants to keep going, no one wants to stop, and everyone is laughing and having such a good time, that everyone who isn’t playing stands around to watch. Best of all, it’s easy to have beginner’s luck even if you’ve never played a game of poker in your life. Some might say this is silly and it’s not like playing real cards, but I would submit to you that sure it is, you have cards in your hand don’t you, and you are playing aren’t you. And family card games are supposed to be entertaining and fun right? Well, then all the components you are looking for are there you see.

One of the best ways to start is to deal out the cards before you tell anyone, and then before anyone places a bet, tell them that the game is being played basically with face cards and aces only, with only the highest number cards. Watch everyone smile and say; “I was going to say, something here isn’t right,” or maybe they are the luckiest person on the planet, or at least in this family on this day. Okay so, that’s how you do it, and I wish you all the best, and the most enjoyment too. Please consider all this and think on it.

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